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Sound monitoring on a budget for the NXCAM

March 7, 2010

Hi All

the NXCAM does not come with any headphones to monitor audio while you’re shooting. It does have a stereo minijack output near the back of the camera, and because audio is in some ways more important than the pictures you’re making, you want to monitor while you shoot!

If you’re on a budget, like I am, I recommend checking out Sennheiser HD 202 headphones. They’re tough, cheap (about $20 in the US) and have pretty good insulation against surrounding noise. The actual ‘cans’ can pop off the headband and be popped back on again if you have to jam them into a small space for transport.

The only downside of the 202s are that they’re designed for DJs and so have crazy long cabling attached. Get it shortened and get a strong right-angled stereo minijack male plug put on — this is less likely to break than a straight plug. (You can do this yourself if you’re handy with basic wiring stuff and have access to parts.)



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