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LCD screen / monitor hood for HXR-NX5

March 3, 2010

Hi All

So, anyone who’s ever tried to film outdoors using the flip-out screen on a camcorder learns pretty fast that a hood to shade it is a must-have when it’s bright and sunny.

The screen on the NX5 is the same as the screen on the HVR-Z5 series (and a few other cams besides) and I found a few places on the web recommending the Hoodman H-400 hood for these models. I tried one out and, well, sadly it was no good. The H-400 is actually too large for the NX5 and kept slipping off.

The only realistic option that I found was the Sony SHL-32W LCD Hood which was designed exactly for the flip-out screen used on the NX5. It’s more expensive than the Hoodman (ridiculously expensive, actually) and a little flimsy, but it works. It fits without falling off, shades the screen OK and can even stay on the camera when you pack it away with the hood folded back and the LCD screen clicked into the ‘closed’ position but with the screen facing up, not down as one would normally do when putting the cam away.

So, don’t bother with the Hoodman H-400 for this cam. Until someone else comes along with a better hood, stump up for the Sony one.



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