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fluffy / furry windshield for Sony ECM-XM1 mic

March 3, 2010

Hi All

the HXR-NX5 cam comes with a Sony ECM-XM1 short directional microphone.

It’s actually not a bad mic, but its only windshielding is a foam cover doodad. I wanted a furry cover to cut back more on wind noise, but it seems that Sony does not make one.

All is not lost, however. On the lower floor of B&H I discovered the WindTech Mic-Muff Microphone Windshield model MM-5 which, with a bit of fiddling, slides over the Sony’s foam windshield to add a breeze-busting layer of (synthetic) fur. The MM-5 was designed for the kit mic that came with an earlier generation of small Sony cams, but it fits OK on the ECM-XM1 once you get the velcro bits lined up and just up out of the way of the rubber collar at the base of the mic.

You should, however, trim some of the fur on the downward side near the tip of the mic or you will see it in the top right of your frame when the lens is zoomed out to its widest setting.



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  1. Alex permalink
    May 30, 2010 2:18 am

    Hi there, I have recently purchased one of these cameras and I was curious as to what settings you are using for your audio set-ups as I can only get stereo with only the INT Mic.

    Any help will be appreciated.



  1. Windshield of ECM-XM1 Microphone at

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